Bryte Edition | Bryte CEO

Edwyn O’Neill
CEO Bryte Insurance

Dear Business Partner,

Excuse the ‘Disruption’

Welcome to our second Bryte Edition. There is no doubt that we as an industry need to brace ourselves for the impending 4th Industrial Revolution, one that will be characterised by constant innovation and disruption. The World Insurance Report 2017 highlights the new wave of digital technology confronting the insurance sector, indicating that ‘insurtech’ will be a fundamental part of providing customers with new offerings and new experiences.

What’s more is that these elements will most certainly reshape the current risk landscape as it stands as well as the strategic decisions that business leaders will have to make. As such, more than ever before, proactive risk management and in-depth data analysis will be critical to ongoing business resilience and ultimately, business survival.

Of course, mitigating risk is at the forefront of everything we do. In this quarter’s Bryte Edition, we unpack the findings from our specialist investigation and in-depth insights from our data into the Knysna fires, highlighting the preventative measures you and your customers can implement in order to minimise similar exposures.

Untapping Potential

We are also excited to tell you about our partnership with Takaful Africa and the Shari’ah-compliant offering we have tailored to meet specific market requirements. This particular segment, especially within the South African context, is largely untapped and we look forward to expanding and enhancing this portfolio of solutions.

In addition, this issue explores the importance of our ongoing partnership with Sasria as well as current claim trends related to increased protest action and the rise of political activism.

Although some elements of the future are unknown, I am confident that through solid partnerships, consistent innovation and informed insights, all opportunities within the sector can, and should be, leveraged for ongoing mutual success.

Warm regards,